6SE7032-6TG70-1AA1-Z C43+F01+G41+G95+K01+K11+K80+L30 SIEMENS6SE70326TG701AA1ZC43F01G41G95K01K11K80L30

SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MOTION CONTROL CHASSIS UNIT PERFORMANCE 2 INVERTER DC 510V - 650V, NOMINAL POWER RATING: 110KW , 218A WATER-COOLED DOCUMENTATION ON CD ***SPARE PART*** C43=Measuring transducer for Multi-turn encoder SBM2 Slot C ***Spare part*** F01=Software module standard technology functions ***Spare part*** G41=Communication module SIMOLINK SLB Slot A ***Spare part*** G95=Communication module PROFIBUS CBP2 inserted at Slot E ***Spare part*** K01=Adapter module for Slot D, E Compact and built-in units ***Spare part*** K11=Local BusAdapter for electronics box LBA Compact and built-in units ***Spare part*** K80=Safe Stop function for preventing unexpected startup ***Spare part*** L30=DC fuse IEC/VDE/UL for chassis units Size 5-8