6RA8093-4KS22-0AA0-Z G00+G20+L05+L10+M08+M10+Q82+S01 SIEMENS6RA80934KS220AA0ZG00G20L05L10M08M10Q82S01

SINAMICS DCM DC converter for two-quadrant drives B6C connection Input 690 V 3 AC, 1245A controllable field rectifier D830/1500 MRE-GEEF4S22 Output 830 V DC, 1500A G00=Advanced CUD on left G20=CBE20 PROFINET module on left L05=Electronics power supply for connection to 24 V DC L10=Without field power unit M08=Assembled PCBs, painted M10=Nickel-plated copper busbars Q82=Extension of liability for defects by 24 months to a total of 36 months from delivery S01=Memory card on left