3WL1232-4CB64-4AN2-Z A05+C11+C22+F31+K07+S07+T40 SIEMENS3WL12324CB644AN2ZA05C11C22F31K07S07T40

Fixed-mounted circuit breaker 3-pole, Size 2, IEC In=3200 A to 690 V, 50/60 Hz AC Icu=100 kA at 500 V Front connection top/bottom double hole Overcurrent release ETU 25 LSI protection adjustable 0.4-1 in Motorized/manual operating mechanism with spring charging motor AC 50/60 Hz 208-240 V or 220-250 V DC Activation AC 50/60 Hz 230 V, 220 V DC without 1st auxiliary release With 2nd auxiliary release "R", F3 Undervoltage, instant. 208-240 V AC, 220-250 V DC 2NO+2NC A05= Version for 1000 V C11= electrical On with sealing cap not possible with option F02 C22= Ready indicator F31= EMC filter K07= Tripped signaling contact, 1 CO not possible with option F02 S07= Castell/Fortress in Off position with 4 padlocks (Safe Off/disconnector function) Disconnector condition in compliance with IEC 60947-2 T40= Door sealing frame