1PH8184-1HF23-2ZD2-Z K40+L27+P00+P0C+Q29+Y84 SIEMENS1PH81841HF232ZD2ZK40L27P00P0CQ29Y84

SIMOTICS M Compact asynchronous motor 1500 rpm, 70 kW, 446 Nm, 150 A, 335 V; 1750 rpm, 82 kW, 447 Nm, 150 A, 390 V; 2000 rpm, 95 kW, 454 Nm, 152 A, 450 V Water cooling; Degree of protection IP55 Customized motor according to Offer No.: SMR-146-2011 P0C: Mechanical design Customized Niehoff K40: Regreasing system DE and NDE; L27: NDE bearing Insulated version P00: Cable entry plate Not drilled Y84: Customer ID number Q29: Desiccant bag in terminal box