1LE1501-1AB42-2KA4-Z F74+F76+R10+R15 SIEMENS1LE15011AB422KA4ZF74F76R10R15

SIMOTICS SD MOTOR TYPE: 1CV2104B Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated, IP55 Temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) cast iron frame Basic line In EEA: Minimum efficiency acc. to applicable statutory regulations to be considered! (as of 01.01.2017) High Efficiency IE2, 4-pole * Size 100L * 2.2kW (50 Hz) 2.55 kW (60 Hz) 3 AC 50 Hz 230 VD/400 VY * 3 AC 60 Hz 460 VY IM B 14, Standard flange: FT130 (C160) without motor protection Terminal box at top F74=Sheet metal fan cover F76=With external metal fan R10=Terminal box rotated by 90°, entry from DE (drive end) R15=One cable gland, metal