1LE1003-1AA49-0AA4-Z F76+M1Y+N07+N31 SIEMENS1LE10031AA490AA4ZF76M1YN07N31

SIMOTICS GP motor type: 1AV3104A low-voltage motor, IEC squirrel-cage rotor, self-cooled, IP55 temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) aluminum housing Premium Efficiency IE3, 60 Hz, P60: IE2 2-pole * size 100L * 3 kW (50 Hz) 3.45 kW (60 Hz) Non-standard winding 3 AC..Hz,...V,...kW IM B3 without motor protection Terminal box at top F76=With external metal fan N07=Temperature class 155 (F), utilized according to 130(B), coolant temperature 55 °C, derating approx. 13% N31=Increased humidity/temp. with 60 to 100 g water per m3 air