1LE1001-0DA32-2FB4-Z D22 SIEMENS1LE10010DA322FB4ZD22

SIMOTICS GP Motor type: 1AV2083A Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated, IP55 Temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) aluminum housing High Efficiency IE2, In EEA: Minimum efficiency acc. to applicable statutory regulations to be considered! (as of 01.01.2017) 2-pole * Size 80M * 1.1kW (50 Hz) 1.27kW (60 Hz) 3 AC 50 Hz 230 VD/400 VY * 3 AC 60 Hz 460 VY IM B 5, flange: FF165 (A200) 1 PTC thermistor for disconnection (2 terminals) Terminal box at top D22=Motor without CE mark for export outside of EEA (see EU Directive 640/2009)