1FG1500-9PD34-4DA2-Z D11+G99+H3A+K11+Q93+W50+X01 SIEMENS1FG15009PD344DA2ZD11G99H3AK11Q93W50X01

SIMOTICS S-1FG1 synchronous servo geared motor Bevel gearbox B19 Motor type HD 600V AH48 Mmax=10 Hollow shaft with Shrink disk HS20 RESOLVER 2-POLE WITH DRIVE-CLIQ INTERFACE Plug-on version transmission ratio: 42.10 N1max = 4500 rpm N2max = 107 rpm, M2max = 51 Nm Mounting position M1-A Gear unit with reduced backlash Oil CLPH1 VG460 POSITION CONNECTOR ON THE LEFT W50: Fast lane COLOR RAL 9005 DULL BLACK