• 3PP1326

    Voltage divider 20:1 for underexcitation protection, Wire wound resistor GR2, IP20 for underexcitation protection (divider 20:1)

  • 3PP1336

    Series resistor for rotor earth-fault protection (2 x 105) (group: 013002), Wire wound resistor GR3, IP20. Series resistor for rotor earth-fault protection (2x 105 LS Ω)

  • 6MD61 - IO-Box

    The SIPROTEC 4 IO-Box 6MD61 enables in a simple, easy way to enhance the number of binary inputs and outputs in the switchgear. It can be used directly in the bay together with oth [...]

  • 6MD63 - Bay Controller

    The 6MD63 bay controller unit is a flexible, easy-to-use control unit. It is optimally tailored for medium-voltage applications but can also be used in high-voltage substations.

  • 6MD66 - Bay Controller

    The 6MD66 high-voltage bay controller unit is the control unit for high voltage bays from the SIPROTEC 4 relay series. Because of its integrated functions, it is an optimum, low-co [...]