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Safety logic control systems • Page 1
Last modified Mar 13, 2019

82611-0010 CM-EIP-1

Omron 82611-0010 CM-EIP-1

G9SP EIP communications option

82611-0010 CM-EIP-1 details
82614-0010 H-T40M-P

Omron 82614-0010 H-T40M-P

G9SP Status Display Touch screen with 1,8 m cable

82614-0010 H-T40M-P details

Omron A4E-C211VA

Enabling switch, Four contacts, vertical mounting, with rubber seal

A4E-C211VA details

Omron A4EG-BE2R041

Emergency stop switch, enabling grip switch, emergency stop switch (2NC)

A4EG-BE2R041 details

Omron A4EG-BM2B041

Emergency stop switch, enabling grip switch, momentary operation switch (2NO)

A4EG-BM2B041 details

Omron A4EG-C000041

Emergency stop switch, enabling grip switch, 1 NC (grip output)

A4EG-C000041 details

Omron A4EG-OP2

Mounting bracket for securing the A4EG

A4EG-OP2 details

Omron A4EG-OP3

A4EG Holding Key

A4EG-OP3 details

Omron DST1-ID12SL-1

Remote I/O terminal, 12 x PNP inputs, 4 x test outputs

DST1-ID12SL-1 details

Omron DST1-MD16SL-1

Remote I/O terminal, 8 x PNP inputs, 8 x PNP outputs, 4 x test outputs

DST1-MD16SL-1 details